At Cactus Co-living, you’ll share a recently refurbished living space with other people with similar mindsets. However, it’s not only a shared living space, but an opportunity to share experiences and create bonds with others while working and travelling abroad.

We cater primarily to entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers and working to become any of the above.

Yes, in order for everyone to be comfortable, we ask that you keep the volume down after 11 pm, unless everyone is agreeable to making an exception for a particular day.

The common areas will be cleaned every 3 days, and the bedsheets and towels in the rooms will be changed weekly.

Yes, there are rooms with private bathroom.

Yes, we have a space with a washing machine and an iron available. The cost per wash is 2,5€. Soap and softener are included.

Our fully equipped kitchen is at your disposal. There is plenty of storage space for your food.


We have 300mb optical fiber Wi-Fi and extenders throughout the house

Yes, the conference room is a quiet zone for private calls and meetings. Two rooms (small meeting room and cellar room) are available for reservation at no extra charge.

You can work from anywhere in the co-living, whether it be on the garden or on the rooftop, where you can enjoy an amazing view of Roque the Jama.

There are also working areas in the courtyard, the kitchen, and even in your room, if you just want to keep to yourself.


Most of our guests are solo digital nomads, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. All have adventurous souls and are looking to connect and share their experiences with others. We’re passionate about building a community where you can connect with likeminded people with shared values.

Skill sharing, Cactus dinners,  ping pong, yoga, hiking and so much more!  Click here for more details about activities.


El Valle San Lorenzo is a local town in the South of Tenerife, with a well-known agricultural-based community. You have the benefits of enjoying this quiet town, while also being only a 10-15 minute drive from most touristic areas and beaches.  It’s your ideal place for a workstation, having the peace you need to do your work and the convenience of accessing other touristic activities.

The average temperature in the winter is 22-14 degrees and in the summer is 28-18 degrees. As Cactus is quite high up in the mountains, the temperature can drop down at night. Bring a bit of everything – beach wear, sports clothes, and warm clothes such as a cozy sweaters, a scarf and a pair of socks, as you may spend time at the beach and in the mountains.

There are 2 airports in Tenerife, one in the north and one in the south. The easiest way to get to Cactus is via the South Airport.

If you come from the South Airport, there are 3 options:

– Take a taxi (15 min drive). It costs between 25 and 30 euros.

– Take the bus 40 or 111 to Los Cristianos and then from Los Cristianos bus  416 or 418  to El Valle. From the bus stop it’s only a 5 min walk to Cactus Coliving.

– Renting a car  

If you come from the North Airport, you will need to take 3 buses. 1st 343 bus to South Airport, 2nd 40 bus to Parque de la Reina and 3rd 421 to El Valle. The total ride takes about 2 hours. You can also rent a car.

Parking – Around Cactus you can find easily spots to park the car for free.

Yes, you can find spots to park the car for free around Cactus.

More questions?

Yes, as long as the rest of the guests are respected.

Yes, -10% for 2 weeks, -30% for 1 month and -35% for 2 months or more. 

If you bring a friend to Cactus Community you both get 30€ off on your final bill. The minimum stay for you and your friend to get the referral program is 1 month. 

When booking, please add the name and surname of the Cactus member who referred you to our community in the comments.

Please note that this credit can be also used for future stays.

Now the terms:

  • Offer valid 1 year since your friend booked
  • You can get up to 3 referrals on the same stay
  • This referral program is only available for direct bookings through our website

Yes, in the Premium Rooms we can host up to 4 people by adding individual beds for a small extra charge.

The room has 60m2 with it´s own bathroom and 5 beds.

One of the good things about living in community is sharing. We want to offer the opportunity for people to be able to share any unique skills and talents that they have, and see if we can exchange and share with others who want to grow and learn new things (i.e. cooking, baking, marketing, juggling). Let us know if anything comes to mind as we are happy to share this with others.

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