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Coworking spaces

In Cactus, we understand how important it is to have a proper working space that will let you follow your rhythm, stay organized and work uninterruptedly. 

That’s why we put a lot of thought into building all our working areas around the house to bring our colivers the best working experience.

We have 2 main workspaces –  silent coworking to find focus and informal coworking to share some time with other colivers.

Besides our main working spaces, we also have 2 conference rooms for meeting and private calls.  You can also work from our cozy garden and terrace while appreciating the beautiful mountain called Roque de Jama.

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300mb high internet in the whole house

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Access to both workspaces 24/7


Free tea/coffee


2 conferences rooms


International network

Silent coworking

Our silent coworking office is also the biggest office in the house with 69m2, 6 tables, and 14 comfortable office chairs.

Located in the historical part of the house, and far from the central gathering areas, this office will allow you to focus and work uninterruptedly.

For an even better work experience, you can use our cable internet, rent a monitor for a small fee, or use our lounge area with smart TV for presentations – all in this room.

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Informal coworking

Our “informal” coworking supports a more casual work environment. It is carefully designed to be inspiring, spacious (50m2), and full of natural light.

With an open ceiling, a 10ft indoor palm tree, and a big glass door opening to the backyard, this space is perfect for day-work and spending a morning with your coworkers.

With 2 extra-large desks, 10 seats, and a big lounge area, it’s the best place for an easy-going workday.

Conference room

Even though our two main coworking offices have enough space to find your private corner, we know that a shared office can be tricky when you have conference calls, interviews, lessons, etc. 

Because of that, we built a one-person conference room that you can book in advance for up to 3 hours per day without any fee and have yourself a secure professional space with a monitor included and without any distractions.

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bodega of cactus coliving

Bodega room

The Bodega room is our most unique office space and the newest one in the house. 

This is a historic room, perfect for workshops and private meetings.

Because it is underground the temperature is always cool, making it a great working spot during hot summer days. If you are concerned that “underground” means having a bad connection, this room has its own personal Internet router to stay 100% digital nomad friendly.

Outdoor working spaces

If you like working in fresh air or exploring different working spots, we have plenty of corners in the house where you can find inspiration. 

We have internet boosters all around the property, so wherever you choose to work from, the internet will not be a problem. 

You can get creative as much as you like, but some of the areas our colivers love are the hammock, front yard table, a semi-private terrace, the rooftop, etc.

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Other working spaces

Everything you need to be productive, feel inspired and grow professionally.

Find a work spot here that inspires you – whether it be working on the rooftop, outdoor garden or courtyard areas. Strong internet connection is available all throughout the house.

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