Ready, steady, close your laptop and get lost in TENERIFE! This volcanic paradise offers plenty of spectacular hikes, from moonscapes to tropical forests. 

Hiking trails around Tenerife


Wine Workshops

We organize wine tastings and workshops, for an extra charge, in our wine cellar. Learn about Canarian volcanic wines while sampling them.


Daily Yoga

What better way to start the day than connecting your body and soul with yoga? Join our group yoga classes to bond with the community and get some movement in during your day.


Cactus Dinners & BBQ

People at Cactus are always invited to organize dinners, brunches, BBQs and social activities as active members of our community. These activities are organized by the Co-livers themselves, and are not included as a service.


After Work

We organise afterwork activities for everyone that include cooking Canarian food, painting, visiting nearby villages, training at the calisthenic park nearby and anything that you would enjoy.


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Have you always wanted to learn how to surf? Let us know, as we will arrange classes at one of the best surf spots in the south of Tenerife, which is only 15 min away by car.

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Whether you´re a beginner or an advance climber, Tenerife has routes for all tastes and abilities. Next to Cactus you can find El Roquito with more than 60 routers in 8 sectors, grades ranging from 4 to 8. Not far from Cactus, you can also find couple of deep water solo spots where you will have so much fun!

whale watching

Whale watching

Canary Islands have the perfect conditions to observe a large concentration of cetaceans in their waters, up to 21 different species can be seen. Just 15 min drive from Cactus, we arrive at Puerto Colón where we take a boat once a month to enjoy this unique experience.

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We encourage everyone staying at Cactus to participate in our monthly mountain and beach clean-ups. A couple of hours a month can make a huge difference and it’s amazing to see the amount of rubbish we can achieve.

trail running (1)

Trail running

Mountains, countryside, forests, deserts… The varied topography means no two routes are the same. Teide is Spain’s highest mountain, and at 3,715m high you’ll find alpine landscapes.

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Farmer’s market

Every Friday and Saturday the farmer’s market is open in Valle, just 7 min walk from Cactus. By buying directly from the farmers, you will be supporting the local economy, while getting the best fruits and vegetables at better prices that the supermarkets.



Valle San Lorenzo is one of the villages enroute to Teide, being very common to see cyclists on the main road on their way up to the volcano. In the south, you can find many bike rentals and some of them do deliver to Cactus.

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